GSECL Ukai & Wanakbori Steam Turbine

R&M of Steam Turbine of UkaiTPS Unit No. 4 (200 MW) and Wanakbori TPS Unit No. 3 (210 MW)

Ukai & Wanakbori, Gujarat

Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited

Under Progress

Turbine Retrofit, Boiler Re-hater Modification, New DCS System.

  • Complete Turbine train retrofit with new and efficient HP & IP and modified internals of LP.
  • Introduction of HP/LP Bypass in Ukai
  • Modified Steam sealing and Generator sealing system
  • ATRS and Turbine control system

Post Retrofit /R & M Benefits

Improvement in Heat Rate.

Better controls and flexibility in operations.

Extended life of machine.