Plant Assessment

Vast experience of 150+ ST performance evaluation, 200+ SPA, 300+ RLA/CHA studies for all major SEBs and utilities

Remnant Life Assessment (RLA)

Asset optimization in thermal power plant is essential for economic and sustained generation. As first step , the attributes for performance deterioration must be identified to make economic decisions to restore optimum performance. "plant assessments" comprises of such tools/methodologies , which analyzes the system and equipment in detail and provides discreet inputs. These inputs are reported in the form of data, comparisons, photographs, economics for investment, which further becomes a tool for owner to take economic decisions.

Our Plant Assessment Offerings

  • Remnant Life Assessment (RLA) Study’s for Boilers, Turbines, Generators.
  • RLA of Civil Structures & Foundations.
  • Piping and Hangers Stress Analysis Using FEM.
  • Robotics Inspection of Boiler WW Tubes/Generators.
  • Steam path Audits of turbines (SPA)
  • Performance Test / PG test/Energy Audits
  • CAVT & CFD Analysis.
  • Eddy Current testings
  • TOFD / Phased Array testing on Critical components.
  • In-situ Oxide Scale measurements / Thickness Survey
  • Corrosion / Irrossion Mapping (RFET / LFET).
  • Failure Analysis


  • NGSL is a leading company for performing the STEAM PATH AUDIT (SPA) study in India.
  • NGSL is certified “WELL KNOWN REMNANT LIFE ASSESSMENT” agency by Central Boiler Board.
  • NGSL work procedures followed for plant assessments are in line with NTPC / CEA approved procedures & standards and also European Creep Collaborative Committee (ECCC) recommendations which are accepted world vide.
  • NGSL has core technical persons from NTPC/GE & Ex-BHEL who have expertise in this field for more than three decades.
  • NGSL has huge experience in the field of plant assessment as more than 200+ different studies are completed till date & the reports are proven as an asset to plant O&M persons.